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Collecting Ends Exhibition. Lead Curator & Exhibition Designer.

ENDS. noun. 

A way of referring to where you are from (neighbourhood, town, city, region etc.)

I designed and curated “Collecting Ends” at the Museum of London with FerArts.


Collecting Ends was a 6-month youth ‘collecting’ project to collect the lived experience of West London from local young people through photography and oral history.


I developed an ambitious learning programme, forming partnerships with Black in the Day, GUAP Magazine, Soho Radio, Freedom & Balance, Victoria Mapplebeck, Normski and Eddie Otchere.


Works produced and collected on the project will contribute to the Museum’s permanent collections. 


The Collecting Ends exhibition opened in February 2020 in a shop-front in West London to showcase the works produced.


"Collecting Ends" Exhibition. Lead Curator & Exhibition Designer for Museum of London (2020)

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