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Our Granville Zine. Producer and designer. (2020)

Distributed door-to-door in South Kilburn is ‘Our Granville’ - a publication produced by Dhelia Snoussi, with the support of Granville Community Kitchen. 


Our Granville is a limited edition publication documenting the Granville and Carlton Centres: two community centres which have served the people of South Kilburn for over 125 years. The zine is a small effort toward honouring and documenting the work and impact of the buildings and some of the people who brought the space to life. 


Our Granville publishes interviews, poems and recollections going as far back as the 40s when the Granville was a buzzing public baths, swimming pool and laundrette. At the time, most homes in South Kilburn did not have hot running water or bathtubs, so the Granville was an essential service for local working class people and a centre for knowledge-sharing, gossip and community. The zine will be a dedication to collecting, preserving, and sharing these local histories, often at risk of displacement and erasure.

Commissioned by Brent 2020

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Our Granville Zine. Producer and designer. (2020)

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