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Decolonising SOAS. Producer & Co-Founder. (2016)

I co-developed the Decolonising SOAS campaign with Zain Dada. The campaign was voted the number 1 student priority in a student referendum. Through the work of the campaign, SOAS became the first university to start a ‘Decolonising the University’ working group with representation from academics, students and management, which is still operational. We developed the Decolonising SOAS manifesto, which was agreed by the Academic Board in November 2017. 


The campaign also attracted coverage from international press including The Guardian, Al Jazeera, The Observer and The Independent. The campaign is explained in this blog “Decolonising the curriculum: what’s all the fuss about?” 


We also produced a short film called "Decolonising SOAS: Student Perspectives" with support from the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust, interviewing students and lecturers on the campaign and its importance.

Decolonising SOAS. Producer & Co-Founder. (2016)

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