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North Kensington Library: 125th Birthday zine. Editor and designer.

I developed and designed a zine to celebrate the 125th birthday of North Kensington library as a building for public use. This was part of a wider campaign to save the building from being sold off to a local private school. 


The zine was distributed to the local community as part of a street party. The zine was given to people for free and in exchange people were encouraged to borrow a book from the library to show appreciation for the building.

Workshops and stalls took place outside the library, which formed the basis of the zine, including handwritten contributions from children who use the library.


The zine included interview contents and oral history from local historian Tom Vague, plus contributions from local photographer Zute Lightfoot and illustration by Toby Laurent-Belson.

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North Kensington Library 125th Birthday zine. Designer (2015)

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