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Voices that Shake! Producer

Voices That Shake! brings together young people, activists, educators and artists to challenge social and climate injustice, with a focus on addressing racial inequality.

I was a core team member and producer for the film strand of Voices that Shake! During my time with Shake! I co-developed intensive art education programmes such as: Rep The Road!, Healing The Cuts and Surviving the System with Sai Murray and Farzana Khan. 

I programmed workshops and skill-shares (creative writing & performance, film making, music production, zines, art and activism) & follow-up mentoring for Shake! participants to pursue careers in creative campaigning & events production.

Collaborators include NuWave Pictures, Hi8us SouthStephen Lawrence Charitable TrustBernie Grant Arts CentreAfrican Writers Abroad, Afrogroov, Chocolate Films and Rich Mix.


Voices that Shake! Producer. 

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