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"We Are Ghosts", Race, Class and Institutional Prejudice. Primary Author and Lead Researcher. (2018)

Dhelia developed and delivered Runnymede Trust and CLASS’ flagship Race and Class project, authoring “We Are Ghosts”, Race, Class and Institutional Prejudice. She conducted desk research and literature review, as well as extensive primary research, mostly with community groups in West London.

The report was covered in the Guardian by Kenan Malik and Faiza Shaheen. A Race and Class Messaging Toolkit was produced from the research, including two resources: “Messaging Checklist to Build Solidarity Across Difference” and “Everyday Guide to Challenge ‘Divide and Rule’ Narratives” to disseminate learnings from the report.


"We Are Ghosts", Race, Class and Institutional Prejudice (2018).Primary Author and Lead Researcher.

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